According to current statistical data in Vietnam, over 300,000 people are living with breast cancer. Additionally, there are more than 20,000 new cases of breast cancer diagnosed every year, with over 100,000 deaths attributed to late detection. In reality, the numbers are even higher, with breast cancer cases remaining among the top in Vietnam specifically and globally as well.


5/10/2024 3:40:31 PM

Who Should Undergo Early Breast Cancer Screening? 

  • Women beginning at age 40: As recommended, screening mammograms should be performed every 1-2 years from the age of 40 and annually for women from 50 years older. Which can reduce mortality by 15 to 29%. 

  • People at high risk: Who have BRCA1, BRCA2 mutations; family medical history of Breast Cancer, Ovarian cancer; obesity; diabetes; not having children, not breastfeeding, having cancer, etc. Women who have been treated before or benign breast disease, use hormone replacement therapy for more than 5 years. These should perform mammograms earlier than 35 years old. 

  • People who have reproductive problems such as infertility, inability breastfeeding, early menarche, and late menopause (over 55 years old) 

  • People thick, fatty breast tissue that is hard to detect small lesions. 

  • People have abnormal symptoms for example nipple discharge, abnormal color, areola, breast different sizes, abnormal tumor in breast or armpit, etc. 

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