5 Dangerous complications of diabetes

Complications of diabetes significantly affect health and can become dangerous for patients. But proper treatment and lifestyle modifications can help prevent or delay those complications.

5 Dangerous complications of diabetes

8/18/2021 6:28:44 PM

  1. Skin complications

Diabetes can affect all different parts of the body, not except the skin. Skin manifestations are the first signs of diabetes.

Fortunately, most skin symptoms are easily preventable and treatable if treated early. Skin complications can be common problems that can affect everyone. However, people with diabetes are more prone to these symptoms. These can be bacterial or fungal skin infections and itchy skin. In addition, some other diseases are typical in people with diabetes, including Acanthosis nigricans, yellow skin, granuloma annual, vitiligo, yellow lipoma, yellow rash, granulomatous annulus, boils, blisters, etc.

  1. Eye complications 

People with type 2 diabetes are at increased risk for eye complications and peripheral neuropathy.

Regular check-ups can make this complication a minor problem. If it develops into a significant problem, it must be treated early.

  1. Nerve damage

About half of people with diabetes will have neurological symptoms. Keeping blood sugar levels steady can help prevent or slow the breakdown. If you already have nerve damage, controlling your blood sugar can slow the progression of the disease. Other treatments may help.

  1. Kidney complications 

The kidney is an essential organ in the body. Inside the kidney are small blood vessels, which act as a filter. The function of the kidneys is to remove waste products from the blood. However, with kidney disease, these functions are damaged. Diabetes also has complications impair kidney function, resulting in the kidneys losing their ability to filter waste from the blood.

  1. Cardiovascular complications


When you are in good health, the blood vessels do not narrow and allow blood to be pumped from the heart to all parts of the body to provide oxygen and nutrients.

Things start to get worse when the blood doesn't circulate well. In the case of atherosclerosis, the blood vessels harden and become narrow due to the accumulation of fatty plaque. The narrowed blood vessels prevent the heart from getting enough oxygen, causing coronary artery disease.

Not only does it affect the heart, but it can also cause problems in any blood vessel in the body. Atherosclerosis that occurs in the vessels in the legs can cause peripheral artery disease, and if it is in the brain, it is a stroke.

The danger elements:

  • Diabetes

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Increase lousy cholesterol (LDL)

  • Lowers Good Cholesterol (HDL)

  • Lack of physical activity

  • Smoke

  • Overweight or obese

Heart failure

This form of cardiovascular disease occurs when the heart contracts too weakly, unable to supply enough blood to all organs in the body.

The danger elements:

  • Diabetes

  • Coronary artery disease

  • High Blood Pressure

Heart arrhythmia

An irregular heartbeat occurs when a structural change or injury to the heart disrupts the electrical currents in the heart that help control the heart to beat usually. In the worst-case scenario, arrhythmia can cause sudden death from cardiac arrest.

Symptoms of heart disease you need to watch out for:

  • Shortness of breath

  • Tired

  • Chest pain: Chest pain can also spread to places such as the lower jaw, back, legs, throat, abdomen above the navel, and arms.

  • Weakness or numbness in the arms or legs: If you have diabetes, you are 1.5 times more likely to have a stroke than people without diabetes. But you can reduce your risk by taking proper care of your health.

Here are some common complications of diabetes. By controlling blood sugar, proper nutrition, and physical activity, you can live with it. In addition, it is necessary to monitor complications and go to the doctor promptly to treat complications from the moment they appear.

Early screening for diabetes to protect your quality of life

If you are in an at-risk group or have one of the symptoms listed above, consult your doctor and get the necessary tests to screen for diabetes early to prevent the disease from progressing. Late stage and many complications.

Diabetes screening package at CarePlus - Only 990,000 VND. Includes full items:

  • A specialist doctor examines and advises: Check body parameters, General Examination

  • Diagnostic imaging: Electrocardiogram (Evaluation of cardiac pathology)

  • Laboratory tests: HBA1C, Blood sugar (Glucose), Urinalysis, Kidney function (Urea, Creatinine), Blood lipids (Total cholesterol, LDL-Cholesterol, HDL-Cholesterol, Triglycerides)

CarePlus International Clinic System is one of the most popular places to diagnose diabetes and its complications.

In particular, our team of doctors pays excellent attention to combining drug and non-drug treatments to achieve long-term effectiveness and safety for patients. The doctor will give in-depth advice on nutrition and exercise suitable for each person and guide the patient to change a healthy lifestyle.

Please call the hotline 18006116 (toll-free) or inbox Fanpage/Zalo CarePlus Clinic Vietnam or register online at the website. Download the CarePlus app for faster scheduling and more convenient calendar tracking!


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