Health Advisory Services

Health Benefit Plan Advisory

Designing an employee Health Benefit Plan can be a daunting task without deep understanding of medical and insurance terminology, insurance products &payment exclusions, health hazards and costs of treatments.

Our insurance and medical professionals are at your service to guide you through and advise on the construction of even the most complex Health Benefit Plans.

Trainings, Health Talks, Workshops and Seminars

Our CarePlus professionals can provide insightful and high quality training sessions, talks, workshops and seminars to your organization so your employees can acquire both theoretical and practical skills and knowledge.

These help employees to prevent illnesses, increase comfort at workplace but also can help to save lives in certain unfortunate situations.

Our most popular topics include:

  • Health and Ergonomics at Workplace
  • First Aid & CPR
  • Disaster Response Preparedness
  • Travel & Health
  • A Healthy Diet & Lifestyle

Health Benefit Plan Administration

No more waste of your valuable productive time and resources on administration and paperwork. Let CarePlus handle all aspects of your healthcare management from insurance claim to coverage monitoring and management reporting.

Further, we provide all onsite solutions from first aid kits to regular on site medical supervision.

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