CarePlus Clinics combine a rich European medical heritage with Asian warmth and care. Our clinics and service concept are designed to suit your needs and a modern lifestyle!


While giving the injection, the doctors made it so gentle that I didn’t feel panic or afraid at all.

Ha - 4 year olds

"The most important thing is my child was cured by the specialist here.  All the time, I would say. That made me feel secure and trust CarePlus above all."

Mrs. Duyen Cao

"I came here for vaccination and overall health checkup. I feel totally satisfied while having given directly advises by the doctors. High quality services and tidy clinic are what I suppose to appreciate for CarePlus."

Mrs. Suong

"Every examination, my child was given just a little amount of medicine which I really like. Also, the doctor contacted me for asking about the baby’s health and advised me whether I should take her to the clinic next time or not. That really saves my time."

Mrs. Nguyen

"This is the first time for nearly 70 years, I’ve experienced such a high technology medicine service like that. Feeling like I was born again."

Mrs. Thanh

CarePlus has various branches around the city, among them there is one near our company. Hence, the human resources department decides to cooperate with CarePlus to carry out annual health screening program for all employees. It's been about 3 years already. Personally, I choose CarePlus because of its excellent service and experienced medical team.

Miss Phuong

The service is quite good. The doctor's guidances are very detailed and they seem so dedicated, meticulous and I feel genuinely pleased.


I have been here so many times, even can't remember exactly how many times. In my opinion, I am well satisfied with the customer services from the doctor, the staff to the janitor. I really want to use the service here.

Miss Thao

I am really into the service at CarePlus. The whole team including staff, doctors and nurses is so thoughtful and caring for my kid. The playing area is also very clean, comfortable and safe that children can enjoy wherever come to see doctor. Based on all of that, I like to visit CarePlus rather than other places.

Miss Nhi

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