Livestream - Health care for children after Covid-19

As the number of COVID-19 cases increases throughout the country, the proportion of children infected with the disease increases. Although COVID-19 symptoms in children are milder than in adults, and the number of severe cases and hospitalizations are low, a certain percentage of children, after contracting COVID-19, persist with symptoms such as cough and headache. , fatigue, behavioral disturbances, loss of taste, ...

Livestream - Health care for children after Covid-19

Start time: 2022-04-21 11:00:00
End time: 2022-04-21 12:00:00

4/15/2022 4:15:08 PM

Wishing to share concerns and worries with parents and solve questions about comprehensive physical and mental health care for children after COVID-19, CarePlus will join Mathnasium to organize a live Livestream. Subject:


Time: At 11 a.m. on Thursday, April 21, 2022, on the CarePlus Clinic Vietnam fan page

With the cooperation of BS. CK1. Tran Thi Hoang Oanh.

More than 15 years of experience working at Children's Hospital. Specializing in the examination: general pediatrics, health examination and nutrition counseling, vaccination counseling, .... consulting treatment for newborns, premature babies, and young children; Certificate of intensive training in neonatology in France.

In particular, CarePlus offers five attractive gifts worth up to 6,000,000 VND to 5 lucky viewers in the Livestream. Each gift includes:

  •     One voucher for a doctor consultation worth 475,000 VND
  •     One voucher for registration fee at Mathnasium worth 500,000 VND.
  •     One backpack Limited.

On Fanpage CarePlus Clinic Vietnam and Mathnasium.

Invite parents and everyone to watch and register for FREE here


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Livestream Physical & Mental Health Care Guidance For Children During Covid-19
7/29/2021 8:56:34 AM
Besides the elderly, people with underlying medical conditions, pregnant and lactating women, and children easily get COVID-19. Although recent statistics show that the rate of children getting COVID-19 or having severe complications is low, young children have weak immune systems, so parents should take it seriously.