Livestream "What to do to prevent sickness for kids in cold season?"

These days, the weather changes seasons and cold quickly causes many health problems in children. This is a favourable time for pathogenic bacteria and viruses to multiply, thrive and spreadA rapidly in the community, especially children at high risk of disease and severe complications.

Livestream "What to do to prevent sickness for kids in cold season?"

Start time: 2021-12-24 11:00:00
End time: 2021-12-24 12:00:00

12/23/2021 4:07:00 PM

So how to prevent and recognize early signs of common cold season diseases in children?

Please watch the Livestream What to do to prevent illness for children in cold season broadcasting at 11 a.m on Friday, December 24, 2021, on CarePlus Clinic Vietnam FanpageParent can equip helpful knowledge from experts’ advices about health care for little angels overcoming this illness season.

Speaker: Pediatric specialist Tran Thi Hoang Oanh. Over 15 years of experience working at Children’s Hospital and Hospital de Conception (France).

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